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July 6th, 2012, 5:55 pm


sorry for the long absence;; [back]

I'm sorry I disappeared for a while and haven't been updating for about... 6 months-- ahahha I wasn't able to continue working on the pages thanks to school and once I got the motivation and time to do so I noticed that lost my files which I seem to have... deleted accidentally;;;;

but I've already redid a couple of pages and will soon be updating, I-I'm really sorry;; but for now I'll be sticking with inking traditionally since I'm still kinda.. traumatized about my file incident hahaha traditionals are safer to keep-- /HIT but yeah therefore excuse the sloppiness ;o;

but anyways, I'm very thankful for those who are still interested in reading/// sending me messages asking whether I'm still continuing or those who have been kicking me on msn lol /SHOT
that really means a lot to me and ahahah they really do keep me motivated to continue QvQ
but anyways yep I'll stop my rambling, once again thank you!
I'll start updating again very soon

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