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ch. 2/23
ch. 2/23

「read from left to right」 Yuuki is a normal high-school student with an extremely bad luck. He later found out that this resulted from his ability to attract spirits, youkais, and demons alike which ocassionally affects his luck in his daily life ever since he was young. One day he was introduced to Tsubame, a strange girl who told him that this attraction was caused by a spirit that has long been possesing him. After some persuasions and convincing, she halfheartedly agreed to help him, but of course, under certain conditions-- [thank you so much for all the favorites and comments, they really motivate me and I really do appreciate them a lot! QuQ]


July 6th, 2012, 5:55 pm


sorry for the long absence;; [back]

I'm sorry I disappeared for a while and haven't been updating for about... 6 months-- ahahha I wasn't able to continue working on the pages thanks to school and once I got the motivation and time to do so I noticed that lost my files which I seem to have... deleted accidentally;;;;

but I've already redid a couple of pages and will soon be updating, I-I'm really sorry;; but for now I'll be sticking with inking traditionally since I'm still kinda.. traumatized about my file incident hahaha traditionals are safer to keep-- /HIT but yeah therefore excuse the sloppiness ;o;

but anyways, I'm very thankful for those who are still interested in reading/// sending me messages asking whether I'm still continuing or those who have been kicking me on msn lol /SHOT
that really means a lot to me and ahahah they really do keep me motivated to continue QvQ
but anyways yep I'll stop my rambling, once again thank you!
I'll start updating again very soon


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December 10th, 2010, 3:25 am


not dead

aaa I'm really sorry I haven't updated for about uhh.. 2 months?;;
I've been procrastinating a lot and got distracted by so many things don'tkillmeplz "OTL
I promise I'll start updating again after my winter break begins which will start on the 20th *U*
I'm actually done with a couple of pages so yes I will definitely update *^*)9
I'm writing this just so you know that this webcomic is not dead, sorry for making you guys wait for so long .___.;; *GUILT*


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December 14th, 2009, 4:09 am


why hello there

proving that I'm not dead D8

I'm really sorry for the lack of updates ;A;
I've been busy these past few months because of exams and school activities
so many things to do but I promise I'll make an update as soon as I can
I'm really sorry once again OTL

oh and I would also like to say thank you for 400+ fans
I'm really thankful to you guys ;u;


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